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We love our hometown and the people in it. We make it a priority to contribute to our community’s success and we support others who do the same. Paying it forward is an important part of Acruity’s mission.

Darrin Eichorn, Acruity Co-Owner and CEO

Darrin Eichorn
Co-Owner and CEO

Darrin has spent his entire career in customer service and management services. His areas of expertise include customer service management, time and data management, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Individual growth and team building are his primary focus. He excels at working with clients, partners, and teammates alike to find solutions to their problems.

Community involvement is also a hobby of Darrin’s. He has been on the board of his neighborhood association, volunteered at a local food pantry, has a passion for animals having grown up on a Michigan dairy farm, and enjoys time spent with his wife and two daughters.

Roger Hunt, Acruity Co-Owner and CTO

Roger Hunt
Co-Owner and CTO

Roger has always enjoyed the challenge of problem solving. Over the last 10 years, he’s expanded his knowledge and expertise working with Microsoft platforms, Cisco gear, VMware, and many other technology related solutions. Roger excels at technical troubleshooting and resolution, as well as client communications and relations. He’s always working towards developing the best solution to the problem while keeping clients his number one priority.

Roger is married to his high school sweetheart and they have 4 children. Roger’s love for technology has been passed down to all of his kids. They’ve all learned how to use a computer by 2 years old and each enjoy having their very own! When he’s not working, Roger enjoys fishing, working on his motorcycle, fixing cars and spending time with his wife and kids.

Jim Ernsberger, Acruity Lead Network Engineer

Jim Ernsberger
Lead Network Engineer

Jim strengthens the Acruity team with a wide gamut of information systems and communications experience. He likes to seek out solutions to problems, often willing to mock up a lab to find the right solution for the problem at hand. With a technical range that spans Linux to Windows, web hosting to design, his IT knowledge has few limits.

Jim has lived most of his life in Bremen, where he was born and raised. He has been happily married since 1989. When Jim is not solving tech problems, he enjoys creating problems that he can solve by hacking some Linux, which has included interfacing with his Ham equipment.

Chad Gerard, Acruity Lead Network Engineer

Chad Gerard
Lead Network Engineer

Chad is a 2002 Graduate from Grace College in Winona Lake, IN with degrees in Business Administration and Management of Information Technology. He brings over a decade of IT industry experience including design, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer networks and hardware.

Chad lives in Osceola with his wife and daughter. His hobbies include playing golf, blackjack, and drinking beer.

Leah Hunsberger, Acruity Operations Coordinator

Leah Hunsberger
Operations Coordinator

A graduate of Goshen College, Leah has 10 years of project management and operations experience in the IT industry. She has overseen projects for private sector clients, as well as those in publishing, education, healthcare, utilities, and municipal government. She is a critical thinker and problem solver, and a friendly people-person who is adept at building relationships with clients, vendors, and collaborators.

Leah and her husband Brad love their dog, and enjoy living in Goshen where they are very involved with downtown. Leah organizes community volunteers for Goshen’s monthly First Friday events. The pair have also worked together to remodel and flip two historic homes in downtown Goshen, in addition to remodeling their own home.

Matt Yordy, Acruity Director of MSP

Matt Yordy
Director of MSP

Matt has over 13 years of IT experience including a background in Linux, data protection, and Internet infrastructure technologies. He received a Associates in Business Administration from Ivy Tech in 2000.

Matt has been married to his wife for 12 years. They live in Elkhart with their 4 kids, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Matt enjoys spending time with his family and rooting for his beloved Cubbies.

Gibson Spalding, Network Engineer

Gibson Spalding
Network Engineer

Gibson is a recent graduate of Indiana University South Bend, where he concentrated in Mathematics and Computer Science. He is a natural problem solver, and enjoys searching for solutions to new problems. He has experience using Linux and building and troubleshooting computers.

Gibson grew up and currently lives on the south side of South Bend in the country. His hobbies include working on computers, exploring the outdoors, and all types of cycling, especially BMX and Mountain Biking.

Anthony Ritchie
Network Engineer

Anthony has over 20 years of extensive and diverse networking and troubleshooting experience in the IT industry. Whether a single Windows site or VMware cluster shared between multiple locations, Anthony has a knack for finding the right sized solution for each client, and has the friendly customer service skills to communicate highly complex systems to the clients without them feeling overwhelmed.

In his free time, Anthony is a singer and guitarist in a local band and enjoys going to sporting events with his wife and two daughters.

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